Thursday, 23 October 2014

Gorgeous children’s storage

Whether you are lucky enough to have space for a playroom or planning on decorating your child’s bedroom; storage is really important to help limit the clutter of toys, books and clothing.

I think that when chosen well, children’s storage can look beautifully stylish as well as having the practical factor.

I personally can’t stand seeing ‘wasted space’ and believe that every nook and cranny of a room can be used to its full potential.

We’ve recently moved Baby Girl from our room into a bedroom she shares with her Sister, it’s amazing how such a little person, can take up so much space! At the moment, we are working on redesigning the room so that we can maximize the space we have with convenient, beautiful storage solutions instead of it feeling cluttered and unloved. We have to be clever about it as we don’t want to lose the space we have for the girls beds, but we want it too look organized and clutter-free.

One of the first things we’ve chosen, is a large fitted wardrobe that will hold all of the girl’s clothes. Did I mention they have more than I do? *jealous face* Anyway, although a fitted wardrobe does take up a large portion of the room, it also frees up an entire built-in cupboard they have on the other side of the room which makes a fantastic toy cupboard. With the addition of some ingenious toy storage ideas that we hope to implement, it will take the toys off the floor and store them away, leaving the room with a clean, streamlined look that will allow the girls to have room to play whilst providing them with the sleepy haven that they deserve.

Have a look at some of these beautiful storage ideas. What do you think?

Image credit: Cassia Play room

I just love look of this room. It’s so inviting for little people, yet it’s brilliantly organized; creating a relaxed atmosphere where children can enjoy play of all kinds.

IImage credit: Glass White Teen bedroom

More suited to a teenager’s room as the doors are made from glass, this sliding door wardrobe looks stunning. I love the flush fit and as you can see, you can create the perfect room for your teen with pops of colour from carefully chosen accessories and favourite items.

Image credit:  Cassia Space saver

This one makes me go a bit giddy! Just look how many cupboards and drawers there are! A very well designed room that makes use of every bit of space - I love it. My Son used to have a bed just like this, and it was the best bed we’d ever bought – I used to store his bedding in the drawers and he kept his box of treasured Thomas the Tank trains in the cupboards.
Gosh, that’s brought back fond memories! I know he’d love the built-in screen nowadays – how cool is that?! Can I have this room for me please?

*In collaboration with Betta Living 
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